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Fun things to heal the soul.
--Sleep now.  Party at midnight.--
Aurora (blue female) at 4 weeks.
--Now we're playing Twister!--
Delphi? and Orion? (blue) at 4 weeks.
--We're all in this world together.--
Aurora (blue female), Eros (ruddy), Orion (blue), and Delphi (blue) at 4 weeks.
--It's all relative when you're one big happy family.--
Delphi (blue), Eros (ruddy), Aurora (blue female), Orion (blue) at 8 months; Soleil (fawn), Luna (blue mother) at 1 year 8 months.
Animals are not only our loved ones . . .
    They are excellent healing companions.
--Snack time or nap time?  It's all good.--
Eros (ruddy), Orion or Delphi? (blue), Aurora (blue female) at 6 weeks; Luna (mother) at 1 year 1 month.
--Wee three.  Don't anybody move.--
Delphi (blue), Aurora (blue female), and Eros (ruddy) at 12 weeks.
--Sophisticated cats love apartment living.  Who's in the penthouse?--
Amir (ruddy) at 8 years 4 months; Orion (blue) and Delphi (blue) at 13 weeks.
--Lady Gaga isn't the only one with exceptional fashion sense.--
Soleil (fawn) at 6 months.
--Reach out and touch...--
Soleil (fawn) at 6 months.
--A perfect sleeper.--
Luna (blue female) and Soleil (fawn) at 5 months.
--21st-century sphinx.--
Phoenix (red father) at 5 months.
 Carl's c~o~o~l Abyssinian cats.
 Playful, precious, purr~fect.
 Steppin' out cat~atonic or chillin' in style.
(Please click and enjoy these cattitudes.)
Show me . . . it's a dog's life.  We're an investment in poise, pride, and perfection.  Pamper us.  Cats too!

 Why Organic Over Conventional

 If it's good for the Earth, it's good for your health.  Respect the planet and it'll nourish your body and soul.  Disrespect it with pollution, and you'll suffer the consequences.
 Is there really any question in your mind as to why people are so physically sick and diseased today compared to a generation or two ago?  Is the cause genetic in origin,
 or is the food chain corrupted due to modern agricultural methods of production?

 Do synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, as well as growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs really make a difference in what we eat and drink?  Does modern
 farming strip the soil of its inherent essence and deplete it for future generations?  Is the water we drink the cleanest it can be?

 Does the food produced today nourish and strengthen us, or is it harmful in the long run?  Should we eat organic and natural food, or should we continue to eat food that is
 conventionally grown and processed?  Is it an all-or-nothing choice we must make, or can we ease into this lifestyle?  Is this shift going to be costly, or will I save money
 on healthcare by eating wisely?

 Should we be asking these questions, or is the status quo acceptable?  Ponder and you'll know what is for your highest good.  Organic over conventional?

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