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Prayer List for Loved Ones
We pray for those in transition, with health crises, in shifting relationships, and moving into spirit.  May our prayers bring our loved ones safely to the desired outcome we pray for, and may we be comforted during our journey together.
 Peaceful transition into spirit for Rose Ayan Michel,          September 1st, 1926, to
 October 31st, 2011.  Dynamic personality, healer, and mom -- we pray for your soul's
 safe passage.  Thank you for your generous spirit, quick wit, unrestrained love, and
 kindness to others.  We will miss your wisdom and guidance.  [Frank Michel 11-1-11]
 Prayers for Annette Meshejian BlancoMay 5th, 1947, to December 21st, 2012.  A  dynamic woman, fun personality, and devoted mother/grandmother.  You are forever  in our hearts.  [Frank Michel, Elena Blanco, and Spiky 5-2-16]