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Prayer List for Loved Ones
     We pray for those in transition, with health crises, in shifting relationships, and moving into spirit. 
     May our prayers bring our loved ones safely to the desired outcome we pray for, and may we be comforted during our journey together.
 Peaceful transition into spirit for Rose Ayan Michel,                September 1st, 1926, to
 October 31st, 2011.  Dynamic personality, healer, and mom -- we pray for your soul's
 safe passage.  Thank you for your generous spirit, quick wit, unrestrained love, and
 kindness to others.  We will miss your wisdom and guidance.  [Frank Michel 11-1-11]
 Prayers for Annette Meshejian Blanco, May 5th, 1947, to December 21st, 2012.  A  dynamic woman, fun personality, and devoted mother/grandmother.  You are forever  in our hearts.  [Frank Michel, Elena Blanco, and Spiky 5-2-16]

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Quote Posters for Contemplation and Spiritual Development
(posters added daily)
Forgiveness is not a failure, 
but a triumph of the heart.
Compassion strikes the heart without warning.
Live a life of integrity. 
It's so easy.
Love completes you.
Collaboration means you're not alone.
Diversity is a universal norm.
Quote Posters for Contemplation
​and Spiritual Development
Love is easy to understand. 
It just is.
Adversity is one thing after another.
Stay focused and optimistic to get through the onslaught.
Kindness is not blindness.
Be mindful of others you encounter.
Leadership is expected from each one of us. 
Get active in your community.
Love conquers fear. 
Love more and fear less.
Collaboration is never a party of one.
Choose your partner wisely.
Adversity will not defeat you.
Just don't give up.
Diversity brings out the rainbow.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
Demonstrate leadership when following the pack is nothing but a herd mentality.
Kindness is the mortar between bricks.
It's stronger than words.
Love may be an uphill battle on the mountain 
of life, but the view from the summit is breathtaking and worth the climb.
Don't give up on love.

Forgiveness is not an act that must be repeated.
One time is all it takes to have a lasting impact.
​Veterans deserve more than just one day of recognition. They deserve a lifetime of thanks,
hugs, and love from us.
 ~ Thank you for your service. ~
Compassion creates karma.
Good karma.
Integrity motivates you to be your best.
So do confidence and pride.
Collaboration leads to mutual understanding and respect.
Love knows no boundaries when it's crossing continents.
Diversity is a many splendored thing.
Adversity is no obstacle.
You handle whatever comes your way.
Kindness uplifts even the downtrodden.
Be kind today to make someone's day.
Leadership requires 
courage, communication, and compassion.
Love is the light of the universe.
Forgiveness begins with me
and ends with you.
Integrity is not an abstract concept,
but a lifestyle and mindset.
Step into a world of compassion
to make a difference in life.
Collaboration connects you immediately
to another soul.
Diversity is the opposite of conformity.
Just a variation on a theme.
Adversity is a temporary inconvenience,
not a permanent roadblock.
Kindness kills depression.
Make the emotional connection.
When the only direction is up.
Love speaks in a whisper or a roar
with the same intention.
Forgiveness breaks the chains of
emotional bondage. Free yourself now.
Compassionate people are happy people.
It's a shared experience.

Thanksgiving brings
family and friends to the table 
for food, football, and fellowship.
Feast on fish and fowl
and feelings of gratitude.
Freedom is not free. It is earned
by the sacrifices of many.
In recognition of the selfless service of
16 million American service members in World War II.
Thank you for preserving freedom.
~ National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ~ December 7, 2015 ~

Diversity rocks!
Conformity sucks.
Respect everyone's uniqueness.
Make this Christmas a special day
for children of all ages.
Give from the heart.
Integrity creates harmony in your life.
Orchestrate your thoughts and feelings
to create rightful action.
Collaboration creates an intimate connection
and a multidimensional perspective.
Adversity is the big wave 
in the ocean of life.
It takes you to dark places
against your will 
to explore the depths of your soul.
Frank Michel -
Psychic, medium, energy healer;
Writer, commentator,
and quality-of-life advocate
25-year experience; 
For your personal reading . . .
1 (757) 428-4254

Todd Schroeder -
man, music, maestro,
master of the 88.
~ under the pork pie hat ~

Kindness only takes a minute,
but its impact is powerful beyond words.
Spare the time to be kind.

Leadership stands the test of time.
It's now or never.
Love is like lightning.
It's electric and strikes without warning
to light up your life.
Forgiveness creates
peace of mind, a clear path,
and a new beginning without regret.
Compassion fills your heart
till it overflows with love.
Keep it coming.
     We pray for the highest good of our loved ones and those in need, who are searching, or in difficult circumstances, as well as our pets and animal friends, the environment, and Mother Earth. 
     We put them in the white light of protection and affirm positive change and outcome. 
     We pray for peace, prosperity, and inclusiveness since we are all one human family.  We celebrate our differences as we acknowledge our similarities.  We are all connected in a human tapestry of love. So be it.
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     Rose Ayan Michel*, Annette Meshejian Blanco*, Manuel Blanco*, Elena Blanco Meshejian, Spiky, Martin Meshejian*, Mary Meshejian*, Dikran Meshejian*, Frank Michel, Sr., Deborah Brady, Chuck D'Ambrosia, Luci Lothrop, Dina De Filippis Tiberio, Gaetano Vultaggio, Graziella Vultaggio, Joan Grasser, Gerphil Flores, Gunhild Carling, Gloria Kelpien, Eleanor Brooks, Thomas Arleon Kinsley*, Sarah S., Justin Coulter*, Brian Collins, Carl Anderson, Sinead O'Connor, Eleanor Motichka, Lenore Gallup, Jonathan Alvarado, Hans "Cooling" Carling*, Sonia Lafont*, Patrice Lafont, Casey Breves, Peter Boogaard, Jack Stearns, Jeffrey Lee Wolf*, Lisa Milliner Wolf, Yver Sorrod McDuffie, Las Vegas victims*/survivors, Carol Trout, Louise Lathrop, Laurel Bryant, Micaela Shay Johnson, and Frank Michel, Jr.

Quote Posters for Services and Networking

~ Jazz and Swing Music ~
Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Dancer, Bandleader, and Fashion Icon 

"The Swedish Sensation",,,
Forgiveness leads to freedom of the soul. 
Forgive freely.
Compassion brings two souls together 
even for a brief period of time.
Integrity means no regrets now, 
in hindsight, or in the future.
Love hurts sometimes, 
but it's worth it.

Memorial Day is the time to honor 
all fallen heroes who sacrificed
their lives for a better world. 
Today we reflect on our history and are humble enough to promote peace. 
We are all one family. 
Let's live in harmony.

Lighten your load. 
Lose the losers.
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Frank Michel -
Psychic, medium, energy healer;
Writer, commentator,
and quality-of-life advocate
25-year experience; 
For your personal reading . . .
1 (757) 428-4254
Behind every challenge is opportunity.
Believe it to see it.
On this 72nd anniversary of D-Day, 
we honor all those Allied soldiers 
who fought during the epic 
Battle of Normandy, including 
the thousands who lost their lives.
D-Day ~ June 6, 1944
Thank you for your commitment 
and service. We are eternally grateful.