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~  Is this you?  ~

 o   Do you want further direction in your life or wonder what its purpose is?
 o   Are you planning a change in your business, career, residence, or partner?
 o   Have you had precognitive dreams, extrasensory perception, unusual coincidences, or past-life recall?
 o   Are you stressed out emotionally from everyday living?
 o   Has a loved one recently passed on and you feel the separation?
      If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you will find a psychic reading extremely worthwhile! Intuitive, tarot, and trance readings, as well as energy healing, toning, and prayer.
      Contact Frank Michel of Psychic Services for your personal consultation. Friendly, reliable, with over 25 years of experience in psychic and business fields.  Holistic and service-oriented.
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      Love, relationships, and soulmates. ~ Marriage and family. ~ Holistic health and home. ~ Business, job, and career shifts. ~ Education. ~ Financial prosperity and goal-setting. ~ Dreams, ESP, and meditation. ~ Spiritual development and life purpose. ~ Mindfulness and harmonious living in the now. ~


      Available 24 hours a day. ~ International callers welcome by phone, Skype, or instant message. ~ Free callback in U.S. and Canada. ~ Have questions ready related to your situation. ~ Make a check-off list. ~ Be prepared to provide your full name/birth date for reading, credit card information for billing via Intuit's secure server, or use your PayPal account. ~

      Frank Michel considers his work personally rewarding and a valuable service to others. He eagerly seeks to spread universal light and love.

~  Whether you're dealing with a life-changing event or have just a quick question to ask, I'm ready to assist you in a friendly, professional, and compassionate manner.  ~  International callers welcome.  ~
~  Available for consultation by phoneSkype, or instant message at US $1.50 per minute, or bookmark my website.   ~  Accept all major credit cards and PayPal.  ~  Six Affirmations available by e-mail for US $10.  ~
~  Introductory Offers save money. Secure processing by Intuit or PayPal.  ~

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    Are you between readings and can't wait for things to happen? Want to take positive action on a daily basis to feel empowered? If so, please use the six Affirmations I created for your personal and spiritual growth. They are powerful tools to bring you closer to your ideal self. Each Affirmation is seven lines in length with the initial line shown below. To affirm is to achieve!  ~  Six Affirmations available by e-mail for US $10.  ~

    Affirmation to Improve Relationship will assist you in creating and maintaining a relationship that exceeds your expectations. Yes, you can affirm and achieve your perfect relationship! No prince stays a frog for too long. You can assist in his transformation.
"I affirm the good in my relationship...."

    Affirmation to Focus will assist you in focusing your mind, body, and spirit to accomplish your goals. Yes, you can affirm and achieve focus in your life! No need to crumble under everyday demands when you need assistance in coping.
"I have a sound mind and body...." 

    Affirmation for Spiritual Guidance will assist you in your spiritual journey through life. Yes, you can affirm and achieve spiritual guidance in your life! Everyone has angels and spirit guides who can assist you in your spiritual journey.
"I am a spiritual being in a material body...." 

    Affirmation for Appropriate Path will assist you in finding the correct path in life. Yes, you can affirm and achieve your appropriate life path! No need for
hiking boots or running shoes in your walk through the woods.
"I am an individual with a unique destiny...."

    Affirmation to Accept Blessings will assist you in acknowledging your true state of grace. Yes, you can affirm and achieve your unique sense of balance! Step into the right attitude.
"My life is full of love, joy, and contentment...."

    Affirmation for Prosperity will assist you in achieving a prosperous state of being. Yes, you can be wealthy beyond your expectations! Let go and let God.
"I affirm that prosperity begins with my own thoughts, feelings, and deeds, and extends into my relationships with family, friends, and acquaintances...."

         ~ EDUCATION ~           
  Drew Univ., Madison, NJ 
Degree Earned:
  Bachelor of Arts 
Major:  Political Science 
Graduation Date:  May 1977 
Verified By: 
Verified On:
  2/6/2002 10:52:34 AM

         ~ EMPLOYMENT HISTORY ~           
o Employer:  Association for Research
 and Enlightenment (ARE) 
Start/End Date:  May 1997 - Oct 2000 
Verified By: 
             On:  2/6/2002 10:52:34 AM            
o Employer:  Heritage Holistic Center 
Title:  Psychic
Start/End Date:  Oct 1997 - Dec 2002 
Verified By:
             On:  2/6/2002 10:52:34 AM            

       ~ PROFESSIONAL LICENSES ~        
License Type:  Minister 
Issuing Agency: Sanctuary of the Beloved
State Issued:  New York State 
Verified By:
             On:  2/13/2002 6:45:29 PM

Trade Affiliation:  Jersey
  Soc. of Parapsychology
Local Chapter:
  Board of Directors 
Start/End Date:
  Jan 1990 - Aug 1995 
Verified By: 
Verified On:
  2/13/2002 6:45:29 PM
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 ~ Client Feedback for Readings ~

 (2011) 10-9: excellent, clear, good
   with details and a pleasure to
   speak with
 10-16: Very good call, thank you so
 11-6: Thanks
 11-11: very nice
 12-4: Excellent!
 12-6: thank you Frank!:), Thanks
   good call
 12-9: like talking to a best friend!
   Thanks for your reading
 12-25: He's great and honest!!!!
   Very accurate!!! Awesome!!!

 (2012) 1-8: Thank you good call.
 1-14: Really nice and calm. Kind
   hearted reader. thank you
 6-9: Very detailed, fast, didn't try
   to stall or waste my money.
   Might not like all of what he said
   but gifted he is.
 11-23: is there not a rating higher
   then a 5-- a 10 reading on my
   scale. Caring, insightful and very
   tuned into making the reading
   about me. Quickly tuned in to the
   situation. Gave lots of details and
   comments about things effecting
   y situation and my over all well
   being. A great reading from a
   wonderful sounding guy.
 12-23: Awesome!

 (2013) 1-11: Excellent!
 1-13: Funds run out. Thank you
   very much. Very informative!
 1-15: Said what I needed to hear!
 1-17: haha thank you so much.
   sorry ran out of funds. do email
   me if anythign you really want to
   convey. thank you for helping me
   realise my true value and worth.
   i wont chase after anyone 
   anymore. thanks a lottttt. highly
   recommended!! thanks for all the
 1-25: Frank had really good insight
   into the situation and told me
   what i needed to hear not what I
   wanted but at least it was the
 2-10: another good reading
 2-16: Sorry, ran out of funds. Gave
   me some good advice on my
   business venture and saw an
   international partner. I will follow
   up! Thanks Frank...Blessings! =)
 2-24: fantastic reading
 2-28: very kind and
   compasstionate reader..great
   reading. will come back
 3-10: always good!
 3-16: Thank you so much for your
   honest advice :)
 3-28: Sorry ran out of funds! Great
   reading! Thank you for your
 4-27: Very good reading.
 5-12: The truth hurts sometimes
   but its good to be able to hear it.
 5-16: friendly and kind
 7-2: 100% satisfied with our
   session. Very friendly and 
   helpful with insights :). Would
   recommend him to anybody who
   needs an advisor.
 7-3: Spot On
 7-13: very honest and sounds
 9-14: Thank you Frank
 10-12: Just wonderful!!!
 11-17: Thank you Frank

 (2014) 3-26: Thank you Frank
 3-26: Frank was very helpful and
   i will contact him again. he was
   patient and friendly with my
  questions and concerns. he is one
  of the two true favorites of mine.
  He is a true connection to the
  powers that be. its was blessing to
  chat with him.
 4-2: Thank you Frank, spot on
    as usual.
 4-12: Thank you Frank good
 4-22: thsnk you. A clear and fast
  ~ Kasamba for Dream Interpretation ~

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