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 Spring into Action (no matter what the season)

 Spring is the season for more than just spring cleaning.  Spring is the time to s-p-r-i-n-g into action to accomplish some of our New Year's resolutions that have already become distant  memories.  Everything around us is fresh, new, and in bloom, so why shouldn't we take that youthful energy and bring it into our own lives?

 Spring is the season to take a realistic view on where we are as individuals within the larger groups of family, friends, work environment, community, nation, and planet, and to effect change to  better ourselves and our associations.  Once we understand our various roles in these groups, we can realistically reposition ourselves to our individual liking.

 Q.  What does all this mean?  What can we do to change our lives positively?  Are we stuck in static positions forever?  Is this going to be hard work?

 A.  We must get focused and put some muscle behind our desires and intentions to create actual change.  We have goals that are noble, but we're lacking in follow-through.  Remember our  pledge to work out every day, lose ten pounds, be kinder and more patient partners and parents, manage our money more wisely, be less judgmental, and love unconditionally?  What happened  to our commitment to get these things done?  That's where the rubber meets the road.

 Here's an easy method to accomplish your goals:

 o  Determine which goals to work on by prioritizing them into most immediate, most easily accomplished, most bang for the buck, etc.  Create your own cost-benefit analysis for your goals.    Work on achieving results both tangibly and emotionally.

 o  Keep a list of your goals on your phone, computer, calendar, day planner, or refrigerator door, and check off each goal when completed.  Put a smiley face next to each check mark to show  that you are happy that another goal has been realized.

 o  Or create a flowchart that is segmented into phases for each goal:  beginning, middle, and final phases; 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% complete; or descriptive names as you see fit.  Use colored  pencils or highlighters to indicate where you're currently at.

 o  Also, write each goal on a 3"x5" card and note the date, time period, and actual accomplishment for that particular goal.  When you see progress on paper, you become more inspired and 
 pick up the pace.

 o  Break down your goals into small, manageable tasks that can be done at set times of the day, a little bit each day.  Would allocating half an hour before bedtime get some sufficient cleanup  done?  Would it be the time to share with partner and offspring?  Would it be the necessary exercise time that seems to elude you?

 o  Take time to meditate and relax.  That's the time just to "be you" and accept yourself, warts and all.  Your mind may free-associate and brainstorm while you're so relaxed, as if you were in 
 an informal strategic planning meeting.  You may find that your body, mind, spirit, and soul align.  That's when you're able to "go with the flow," move mountains to reach your goals, and create  miracles.

 copyright © 2011-2017 by Frank Michel

Brings us closer together.
Are you ready for change?  Read on . . . .

 Dynamics of Your Psychic Reading

 Since each reader works slightly differently, perhaps the following background information would maximize your experience.

 One of the ways most psychic advisors tune in is by the client's birth date, as well as those of other involved parties--friends, family, business associates, and romantic partners.  Birth dates  are used not only for psychic/intuitive readings, but also for astrology charts, numerology, and with other forms of divination in a session.  The birth date forms the basis of one's karmic plan on  this earth.  It does not dictate anything, but it is a method of tuning in by the reader.

 Just like the use of first names only is quite acceptable, a birth date provided to a reader doesn't need to have the year included.  A client's comfort level during the reading and confidentiality
 afterwards is to be respected and maintained at all times.  Every client has different privacy and comfort levels to honor.

 Before all our modern technology became widespread, readings were generally in-person sessions where a reader and client were in close physical proximity (either sitting facing each other
 directly or next to one another at a table at a reader's home or office, or at a metaphysical store or a psychic fair).  The client's actual physical presence aided a reader as their higher
 selves connected on a soul level.  Plus there were always visual and audible connections, and sometimes handwriting samples, photographs, and personal items to tune in.

 Additionally, of course, there were the Tarot cards (another inspirational divination tool), which would first be handled by the client, shuffled many times, cut into three piles, and restacked before
 the reader began the card layout.  Usually, a reader would begin with a preliminary meditation asking that information be revealed for the client's highest good (and not just what the client wanted
 to hear).

 Now that readings are done primarily by electronic means (phone, chat, or e-mail sessions) without the physical presence of the client or the ability for the client to handle the Tarot cards,
 readers often tune in with the assistance of spirit. Spirit doesn't communicate always the way we generally do or would like.

 Sometimes spirit communicates in a very quick manner with the reader trying to keep up with information being transmitted, sometimes the reader is shown pictures or images in his/her mind's
 eye, and sometimes spirit is progressing methodically and consistently dispensing information, but not always.  Each session varies, just like each spirit guide and reader work differently.

 A reader attuned to spirit is actually receiving this information in a passive manner and then actively transmits it to the client. During the receiving process, which is more of an art or a "gift" than
 a science, the spiritual channel is open and information flows primarily from spirit guide > to reader > to client.

 A reader may seem to be halting when "listening" to spirit because words are not visually in front of the reader, but are often sensed.  Sometimes a reader's voice changes in tone, pitch, or
 speed if the spirit guide is speaking through the reader (generally with the reader's permission).

 Occasionally, a reader will hear or sense a word (or phrase) slightly differently than spirit intended and will seem to wonder aloud, instead of being silent, what was that word (or phrase).  This is
 normal for a reader and helps the client realize that messages are in the process of being transmitted and received.

 It's always best if a reader then transmits the word (or phrase) exactly as received so the client can hear it too.  Most readers often will interpret (translate) these words that they literally receive
 (transliterate) so that a message is fine-tuned to the client as the reading progresses.

 A reader is a bearer of a message, not a creator of it.  An interpretation is often given to make the message more individualized and meaningful to the client.  But any interpretation is subject to
 error by the reader, or acceptance or rejection by the client.

 No reader is 100% accurate despite what is claimed, and no session will leave a client without further thoughts and questions being generated on his/her issues.  Messages from spirit (A) > plus
 reader's interpretation (B) > lead to client's further thoughts and questions (C).  Sometimes there are simple answers to complex situations, but generally there is a directed pathway to follow
 during your life's journey.

 I hope understanding these dynamics assists you to have a positive and productive experience in your readings.

 copyright © 2012-2017 by Frank Michel

 From a Reader's Perspective

 Truth or kindness?  Accurate or polite?  It's all about how you "couch" your response to your client's issue.  Transmit the information you see or receive in a constructive manner.  Inspire your  client to empower herself to handle a negative situation or response positively.  Suggest some ideas for her to do, and get her to talk about her own feelings and what steps she might devise to  problem-solve.  Get her talking, brainstorming, and feeling as if she is releasing burdens. She can't move on to deal effectively with her issue if she is harboring anger, resentment, hostility,  and/or grief.  Talking and sharing her emotions now makes the planning and implementing phase easier down the road.

 Yes, you're going to get clients that immediately get hostile or end the session once they don't hear you rubberstamping what they think will happen or the actual words they expect you to say.    You're not going to keep everybody happy 100% of the time.  At the holidays, there are always the callers who have "impossible" relationships but are still looking for the rainbow and wedded  bliss.  And sometimes a client has poor reasoning ability or has a manipulative personality.  We've all experienced a client's wrath at times.  But don't get disappointed or do your job improperly.   Readings are about your "expert" advice.  Tell the truth, and be kind.  Choose your words wisely and show compassion.

 Remind the client that no psychic is ever 100% accurate (even though they may claim to be) and that everyone has free will.  Readings are not only about "possibility"; they are about  "probability."  Nothing is ever set in stone.  Try to leave the client with an optimistic attitude, realistic ways to deal with things, and a reminder that her problem is temporary and must be put in  perspective over time.  Wish her well and that you hope to hear back as things lighten up.

 copyright © 2012-2017 by Frank Michel

 ​It's Easy to Go Green

 Choose organic/natural foods and clothing, as well as personal care items, home furnishings, and cleaning products to create and maintain a healthy, green lifestyle for you and your family. If  organic/natural items cost a bit more, it is because they're worth the investment in your own health and a healthy planet (soil, water, air).

 The sooner you go organic and natural, the longer you'll enjoy the benefits over time. It may be great to make the switch overnight, but that might not be possible for everyone.

 Start simply -- choose what works for you and what you feel you can easily afford. Add new foods and products as they become seasonally available, and look for specials, coupons, and  rebates online from retailers and manufacturers who want to reward you for your business. Don't forget to do a bit of comparison shopping from local stores so that you get the most bang for  your buck.

 And most of all -- relax -- because there are no rules that you absolutely must follow. This will be a fun adventure for the new, healthy lifestyle that you are creating for yourself. Enjoy a healthier  you!

 copyright © 2012-2017 by Frank Michel

 Simple Steps to Go Green

 Go green, shift your consciousness, and take some simple steps to reduce your energy needs from nuclear power, traditional resources (coal, oil, and natural gas).  Once we reduce our energy  consumption, we'll slow global warming and its destructive forces on our planet.  

 o  When sitting in a sunny room, turn off the overhead light for a few hours and enjoy the natural light.

 o  Use ceiling fans along with your A/C and heating system. Set your home's thermostat on 80 degrees in the summer, and 68 degrees in the winter. In the summer, be sure to set the ceiling fan  direction to counterclockwise with the speed on high. In the winter . . . clockwise with the speed on low only.

 o  Blinds, shades, and curtains contribute to energy savings too, as do storm windows and doors; insulation, weatherstripping, and caulking; awnings and trellises; and trees, shrubbery, and  windbreaks.

 o  For your car, service it regularly, use cruise control, stay within the speed limit even on highways, and don't be a lead foot or last-minute braker.   Check your tire pressure monthly, and have  your tires rotated and balanced when you have a wheel alignment every 5,000 to 10,000 miles.  Plus, plan your route to piggyback errands, carpool, and use mass transit.  Don't forget to enjoy  walking and bicycling too -- they're healthy and nonpolluting.

 copyright © 2012-2017 by Frank Michel

 Why Organic Over Conventional

 If it's good for the Earth, it's good for your health. Respect the planet and it'll nourish your body and soul. Disrespect it with pollution, and you'll suffer the consequences.  Is there really any  question in your mind as to why people are so physically sick and diseased today compared to a generation or two ago?  Is the cause genetic in origin, or is the food chain corrupted due to  modern agricultural methods of production?

 Do synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, as well as growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs really make a difference in what we eat and drink?  Does modern farming strip the soil of 
 its inherent essence and deplete it for future generations?  Is the water we drink the cleanest it can be? 

 Does the food produced today nourish and strengthen us, or is it harmful in the long run?  Should we eat organic and natural food, or should we continue to eat food that is conventionally grown  and processed?  Is it an all-or-nothing choice we must make, or can we ease into this lifestyle?  Is this shift going to be costly, or will I save money on healthcare by eating wisely?

 Should we be asking these questions, or is the status quo acceptable? Ponder and you'll know what is for your highest good. Organic over conventional?

 copyright © 2012-2017 by Frank Michel
 Go green for a healthy lifestyle and planet!
 Reduce, reuse, recycle. Repurpose and rethink.
 ~ Go organic and natural for food and fibers. ~
 Garden, harvest, and compost. Share your love.