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     Spring into Action (no matter what the season)

     Spring is the season for more than just spring cleaning. Spring is the time to s-p-r-i-n-g into action to accomplish some of our New Year's resolutions that have already become distant memories. Everything around us is fresh, new, and in bloom, so why shouldn't we take that youthful energy and bring it into our own lives?

     Spring is the season to take a realistic view on where we are as individuals within the larger groups of family, friends, work environment, community, nation, and planet, and to effect change to better ourselves and our associations. Once we understand our various roles in these groups, we can realistically reposition ourselves to our individual liking.

     Q.  What does all this mean? What can we do to change our lives positively? Are we stuck in static positions forever? Is this going to be hard work?

     A.  We must get focused and put some muscle behind our desires and intentions to create actual change. We have goals that are noble, but we're lacking in follow-through. Remember our pledge to work out every day, lose ten pounds, be kinder and more patient partners and parents, manage our money more wisely, be less judgmental, and love unconditionally? What happened to our commitment to get these things done? That's where the rubber meets the road.

     Here's an easy method to accomplish your goals:

     o  Determine which goals to work on by prioritizing them into most immediate, most easily accomplished, most bang for the buck, etc. Create your own cost-benefit analysis for your goals. Work on achieving results both tangibly and emotionally.

     o  Keep a list of your goals on your phone, computer, calendar, day planner, or refrigerator door, and check off each goal when completed. Put a smiley face next to each check mark to show that you are happy that another goal has been realized.

     o  Or create a flowchart that is segmented into phases for each goal: beginning, middle, and final phases; 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% complete; or descriptive names as you see fit. Use colored pencils or highlighters to indicate where you're currently at.

     o  Also, write each goal on a 3"x5" card and note the date, time period, and actual accomplishment for that particular goal. When you see progress on paper, you become more inspired and pick up the pace.

     o  Break down your goals into small, manageable tasks that can be done at set times of the day, a little bit each day. Would allocating half an hour before bedtime get some sufficient cleanup done? Would it be the time to share with partner and offspring? Would it be the necessary exercise time that seems to elude you?

     o  Take time to meditate and relax. That's the time just to "be you" and accept yourself, warts and all. Your mind may free-associate and brainstorm while you're so relaxed, as if you were in an informal strategic planning meeting. You may find that your body, mind, spirit, and soul align. That's when you're able to "go with the flow," move mountains to reach your goals, and create miracles.

Copyright © 2007-2023 by Frank Michel
Bring us closer together.

Are you ready for positive change?

 ​   It's Easy to Go Green

     Choose organic/natural foods and clothing, as well as personal care items, home furnishings, and cleaning products to create and maintain a healthy, green lifestyle for you and your family. If organic/natural items cost a bit more, it is because they're worth the investment in your own health and a healthy planet (soil, water, air).

     The sooner you go organic and natural, the longer you'll enjoy the benefits over time. It may be great to make the switch overnight, but that might not be possible for everyone.

     Start simply -- choose what works for you and what you feel you can easily afford. Add new foods and products as they become seasonally available, and look for specials, coupons, and rebates online from retailers and manufacturers who want to reward you for your business. Don't forget to do a bit of comparison shopping from local stores so that you get the most bang for your buck.

     And most of all -- relax -- because there are no rules that you absolutely must follow. This will be a fun adventure for the new, healthy lifestyle that you are creating for yourself. Enjoy a healthier you!

Copyright © 2012-2023 by Frank Michel

     Simple Steps to Go Green

     Go green, shift your consciousness, and take some simple steps to reduce your energy needs from nuclear power, traditional resources (coal, oil, and natural gas). Once we reduce our energy consumption, we'll slow global warming and its destructive forces on our planet.  

     o  When sitting in a sunny room, turn off the overhead light for a few hours and enjoy the natural light.

     o  Use ceiling fans along with your A/C and heating system. Set your home's thermostat on 80 degrees in the summer, and 68 degrees in the winter. In the summer, be sure to set the ceiling fan direction to counterclockwise with the speed on high. In the winter . . . clockwise with the speed on low only.

     o  Blinds, shades, and curtains contribute to energy savings too, as do storm windows and doors; insulation, weatherstripping, and caulking; awnings and trellises; and trees, shrubbery, and windbreaks.

     o  For your car, service it regularly, use cruise control, stay within the speed limit even on highways, and don't be a lead foot or last-minute braker. Check your tire pressure monthly, and have your tires rotated and balanced when you have a wheel alignment every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Plus, plan your route to piggyback errands, carpool, and use mass transit. Don't forget to enjoy walking and bicycling too -- they're healthy and nonpolluting.

Copyright © 2012-2023 by Frank Michel

    Why Organic Over Conventional

     If it's good for the Earth, it's good for your health. Respect the planet and it'll nourish your body and soul. Disrespect it with pollution, and you'll suffer the consequences. Is there really any question in your mind as to why people are so physically sick and diseased today compared to a generation or two ago? Is the cause genetic in origin, or is the food chain corrupted due to modern agricultural methods of production?

     Do synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, as well as growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs really make a difference in what we eat and drink? Does modern farming strip the soil of its inherent essence and deplete it for future generations? Is the water we drink the cleanest it can be? 

     Does the food produced today nourish and strengthen us, or is it harmful in the long run? Should we eat organic and natural food, or should we continue to eat food that is conventionally grown and processed? Is it an all-or-nothing choice we must make, or can we ease into this lifestyle? Is this shift going to be costly, or will I save money on healthcare by eating wisely?

     Should we be asking these questions, or is the status quo acceptable? Ponder and you'll know what is for your highest good. Organic over conventional?

Copyright © 2012-2023 by Frank Michel

  ~ Go green for a healthy lifestyle and planet! ~

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, and Rethink.
~ Go organic and natural for food and fibers. ~

    Is that all there is to relationship or marriage?

    Relationships and marriage are a lot of hard work.

     When they're good, you're over the moon. When they're troubled, you've got a problem that can intensify and stress you out. The issues you don't address today only get worse tomorrow. You've got to deal with them sooner or later.

     A couple experiences good times together when a relationship or marriage first begins. However, add children to the mix, and ideals of love and wedded bliss can seem as hokey as family life in reruns of 1950s TV shows.

     Add piles of bills, credit card debt, demanding careers, parenting small children, stress, isolation, alienation, and putting yourself last. Then the grind of daily living becomes overwhelming. Two people who love one another easily fall into patterns of dysfunction. There really is no fun in dysfunction, and not much love either. The honeymoon is over.

    Communication, cooperation, and trust become strained. Ambivalence and apathy may set in.

     Where did things go wrong? Why does one feel alone even with a loved one in the same room? Should a dialogue become a diatribe, or a discussion become an act of defiance? Whose opinion needs airtime?

     Just like television, couples sometimes need to lower the volume, change stations, or turn off the boob tube. Sometimes they need to exit the room separately. The love seat is empty. No popcorn necessary.

    Who has experienced power, control, manipulation, and domination when a person exerts one's will over another?

     Who's got the clicker? Who's always hogging the TV to watch their favorite shows or a ball game, shushing everyone, and tuning out? They're not listed in a couple's handbook or the TV Guide. Are you a Monday morning quarterback?

     On the other hand, as a couple, who is enabling or overlooking selfish and narcissistic behavior? Who is placating their partner so things don't escalate into verbal or physical abuse, or both. Who's overspending or acting as if they're single again?

     Who's afraid of confiding in their partner, or even sharing a gentle touch, a sweet kiss, a gaze into the eyes to reveal one's soul? Who's standoffish and refusing intimate contact? Who is sleeping on the couch or in the guestroom? Who is straying or having thoughts of infidelity?

     Who whittles away their personality and sense of identity to please others. Who can give more when they've given all they've got?

    Is the drama on TV or in real life?

     Is your life becoming a sitcom with emotional extremes and daily exchanges that are right out of The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone? Does the evening news look like a cakewalk compared to your own life?

     Is your relationship or marriage needing major repair or even resuscitation? Have anger and rage taken over? Are you suffering from depression, or self-medicating to lessen the pain? Are you clueless on how to proceed so things don't completely fall apart?

     Are you getting up the courage to go for counseling, or are you saving money for an attorney? Is divorce on the tip of your tongue, or is it your favorite threat? Do you have pet names for each other, or are you using epithets instead?

     Time out. Step back. Turn off the TV in your head since you're ready for quiet time. Alone time. Meditation time. Downtime. Me time. Walk in the woods time. Prayer time. Affirmations too.

     Slow down to calm your emotions, clear your mind, set your goals, and take the first steps of action. Nobody moves mountains overnight, but setting the right intention and following through with small changes will create a positive pathway for you to walk.

     You may feel now as if you're crawling instead of walking. You're definitely not running. But in time, you'll be marching confidently, determining what works and what to discard, the boundaries to set with your partner and the barriers to break down, the type and level of communication that are effective, as well as how to become team players again. Trust will be reestablished with a new baseline.

    You do want to be on the same team, right?

     Or is the game over? Are you ready to turn in your uniform and leave the ballpark, instead of hitting a home run?

     To repair or resuscitate your relationship or marriage, you must make up your mind that what draws you together is stronger than what tears you apart. You can, and will, revamp your life from disappointment and despair . . . to hope, joy, and love.

     It's easy if you follow your instincts, remain open to change, honor yourself, look at the big picture with your partner, and establish love as the greatest tool for couples counseling.

    Extend yourself. It's a start. Love yourself. Love your partner.

     Remember what you once had together. Set aside the differences and bickering. Trust in yourself. Trust in your partner. Trust in the process. The time is now for peaceful coexistence and healing.

​Copyright © 2015-2023 by Frank Michel 

    The Other Side of Cupid

    When a romantic relationship ends, you shift gears dramatically. You're forced to, whether you like it or not. Your life turns upside down in a heartbeat, and it can get rather ugly and unbearable fast. It feels as if you're sinking in quicksand, and nobody is there to pull you out.

     Are you going to go under, or extricate yourself from this difficult situation? Is it love lost, or housing, a job, and finances too? Are there children involved? Is a marriage about to end? Do you become destitute overnight?

    It's easy to be caught unprepared and become fearful, embarrassed, and panic-stricken. What will your future look like? Are your emotions all over the place? Are you physically shaking and not thinking clearly? Are you afraid to ask for help? Too embarrassed? Now what?

    You have to feel the pain in order to release it. Don't bury your feelings or deny the relationship ever existed or had flaws. Honor its positive aspects, but acknowledge that the relationship was appropriate for only a certain period of your life. That was then, this is now. Get over it and get on with your life. Move on with the right attitude. You'll need to be open-minded and optimistic. After all, it could have been worse.

    Don't forget the differences and why the relationship ended. Set your limits for grieving the relationship, and ask for healing energy to fill your heart and soul. You're going to rediscover the single life and your own personal strength. The strength you have and the recovery steps you take will prepare you for your next relationship.

    Ask for help. Share your story with loved ones as well as close friends and associates. Don't bear alone the burden of a failed relationship. It's okay to talk about what happened. There's no shame in sharing. You need a strong social network around you when you're vulnerable, emotionally overwhelmed, and in pain. Love will need to flow to you as well as through you.

     They'll be no gain unless you work to stabilize your emotions and get back on your feet. Fight any negative feelings of self-doubt, self-worth, and self-love. Fight the "big D" -- DEPRESSION! Make each day a day to recover your self-identity.

     If you have to take time off from work to reinforce the foundations of your life, then do it. That investment will pay off quickly. Set your goals and chip away at them daily. Would you benefit from counseling and/or a doctor's visit? A massage or spa day? Some retail therapy?

    Get rest, exercise, socialize, and remain optimistic. Explore nature. Meditate and pray. Play music and force yourself out of your shell. Don't wall yourself off and withdraw from society. You need people and to enjoy life.

     You are going to get through this difficult time and reinvent yourself as a happy, whole, and loving person capable of being loved in return. You'll attract the right partner once you heal. It takes time. This may not have been your first relationship and it may not be your last.

    Remember, all relationships are learning experiences. Stay focused on what you have now, the progress you've made, the challenges ahead, and the constants in your life. You're going to be alright. Time heals. Spring comes after winter. Love will bloom again just as flowers do each spring.

Copyright © 2015-2023 by Frank Michel 
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 ~ Garden, harvest, and compost. Share your love. ~

  Steps to heal when love is heartbreaking.
  Improve your relationship or marriage by asking the right questions.

    Dynamics of Your Psychic Reading

     Since each reader works slightly differently, perhaps the following background information would maximize your experience.

     One of the ways most psychic advisors tune in is by the client's birth date, as well as those of other involved parties--friends, family, business associates, and romantic partners. Birth dates are used not only for psychic/intuitive readings, but also for astrology charts, numerology, and with other forms of divination in a session. The birth date forms the basis of one's karmic plan on this earth. It does not dictate anything, but it is a method of tuning in by the reader.

     Just like the use of first names only is quite acceptable, a birth date provided to a reader doesn't need to have the year included. A client's comfort level during the reading and confidentiality afterwards is to be respected and maintained at all times. Every client has different privacy and comfort levels to honor.

     Before all our modern technology became widespread, readings were generally in-person sessions where a reader and client were in close physical proximity (either sitting facing each other directly or next to one another at a table in a reader's home or office, or at a metaphysical store or a psychic fair). The client's actual physical presence aided a reader as their higher selves connected on a soul level. Plus there were always visual and audible connections, and sometimes handwriting samples, photographs, and personal items to tune in.

   Additionally, of course, there were the Tarot cards (another inspirational divination tool), which would first be handled by the client, shuffled many times, cut into three piles, and restacked before the reader began the card layout. Usually, a reader would begin with a preliminary meditation asking that information be revealed for the client's highest good (and not just what the client wanted to hear).

     Now that readings are done primarily by electronic means (phone, chat, or e-mail sessions) without the physical presence of the client or the ability for the client to handle the Tarot cards, readers often tune in with the assistance of spirit. Spirit doesn't communicate always the way we generally do or would like.

     Sometimes spirit communicates in a very quick manner with the reader trying to keep up with information being transmitted, sometimes the reader is shown pictures or images in his/her mind's eye, and sometimes spirit is progressing methodically and consistently dispensing information, but not always. Each session varies, just like each spirit guide and reader work differently.

     A reader attuned to spirit is actually receiving this information in a passive manner and then actively transmits it to the client. During the receiving process, which is more of an art or a "gift" than a science, the spiritual channel is open and information flows primarily from spirit guide > to reader > to client.

     A reader may seem to be halting when "listening" to spirit because words are not visually in front of the reader, but are often sensed. Sometimes a reader's voice changes in tone, pitch, or speed if the spirit guide is speaking through the reader (generally with the reader's permission).

     Occasionally, a reader will hear or sense a word (or phrase) slightly differently than spirit intended and will seem to wonder aloud, instead of being silent, what was that word (or phrase). This is normal for a reader and helps the client realize that messages are in the process of being transmitted and received.

     It's always best if a reader then transmits the word (or phrase) exactly as received so the client can hear it too. Most readers often will interpret (translate) these words that they literally receive (transliterate) so that a message is fine-tuned to the client as the reading progresses.

     A reader is a bearer of a message, not a creator of it. An interpretation is often given to make the message more individualized and meaningful to the client. But any interpretation is subject to error by the reader, or acceptance or rejection by the client.

     No reader is 100% accurate despite what is claimed, and no session will leave a client without further thoughts and questions being generated on his/her issues. Messages from spirit (A) > plus reader's interpretation (B) > lead to client's further thoughts and questions (C). Sometimes there are simple answers to complex situations, but generally there is a directed pathway to follow during your life's journey.

     I hope understanding these dynamics assists you to have a positive and productive experience in your readings.

Copyright © 2012-2023 by Frank Michel

    From a Reader's Perspective

     Truth or kindness? Accurate or polite? It's all about how you "couch" your response to your client's issue. Transmit the information you see or receive in a constructive manner. Inspire your client to empower herself to handle a negative situation or response positively. Suggest some ideas for her to do, and get her to talk about her own feelings and what steps she might devise to problem-solve. Get her talking, brainstorming, and feeling as if she is releasing burdens. She can't move on to deal effectively with her issue if she is harboring anger, resentment, hostility, and/or grief. Talking and sharing her emotions now makes the planning and implementing phase easier down the road.

     Yes, you're going to get clients that immediately get hostile or end the session once they don't hear you rubberstamping what they think will happen or the actual words they expect you to say. You're not going to keep everybody happy 100% of the time. At the holidays, there are always the callers who have "impossible" relationships but are still looking for the rainbow and wedded bliss. And sometimes a client has poor reasoning ability or has a manipulative personality. We've all experienced a client's wrath at times. But don't get disappointed or do your job improperly. Readings are about your "expert" advice. Tell the truth, and be kind. Choose your words wisely and show compassion.

     Remind the client that no psychic is ever 100% accurate (even though they may claim to be) and that everyone has free will. Readings are not only about "possibility"; they are about "probability." Nothing is ever set in stone. Try to leave the client with an optimistic attitude, realistic ways to deal with things, and a reminder that her problem is temporary and must be put in perspective over time. Wish her well and that you hope to hear back as things lighten up.

Copyright © 2012-2023 by Frank Michel

    Recommendations for Battling a Serious Illness

     Here are some recommendations for battling a serious illness. Incorporate immediately what is easy to do. Healthy people would benefit too.

     1. Eat green leafy vegetables, but be sure that they are ORGANIC to avoid pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and GMO-engineering.

     2. If you can't eat a lot of vegetables or don't like them, juice them in a vegetable juicer. Combine a lot of vegetables together, especially ones that you may not like. They'll get lost in the shuffle, so to speak.

     3. To get more greens, think micronutrients. These are green powders. Combine with protein powder such as whey or hemp if appropriate.

     4. To cleanse the liver, take milk thistle (capsule, tincture, or tea such as Alvita brand). Dandelion (capsule, tea, or leaves) is a good complementary herb to take with milk thistle. Do a castor oil pack and use a heating pad if desired. Purchase from your health food store, Whole Foods Market, or online at

     5. Green tea is a detoxifier, so add a bag with any other tea you are brewing, such as milk thistle and dandelion. Walmart stores have boxes of "Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea" for $3.98 (100 tea bags).

     6. A "poor man's liver cleanse" can be a lemon in water that is slightly heated up. Squeeze lemon, include the pulp, and use filtered water equivalent to about two large mugs. Heat just beyond warm. Drink the lemon water first thing in the morning to detox, aid in elimination, and alkalize the body. Remember, the liver is the master detoxifier, so once it is cleansed, it'll work better. So will other organs and glands. Cancer patients may do a liver cleanse to purge the liver of chemotherapy and dead cancer cells.

     7. Always filter your water using a water pitcher (such as Brita or Pur) or a sink filter. When the water is filtered, fill up a water bottle and leave with its cap cocked (to prevent dust from getting in) on the counter for 24 hours. Once bubbles form on the inside of the bottle, flick them to release the chlorine gas. Then refrigerate if appropriate.

     8. Whole Foods Market has a vending machine from Fresh Pure of Santa Fe, New Mexico ( Here you can get high quality filtered water (reverse osmosis, deionized, ultraviolet) at a low cost per gallon. Bring your own BPA-free bottles to fill up.

     9. Take vitamins, particularly a multivitamin and multimineral. Remember to take your vitamins after eating. The only exception is probiotics (acidophilus, etc.), which should be taken before the meal. All fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) should be taken after the meal that has the most fats consumed.

     10. Up to seventy percent (70%) of the immune system is "in the gut" (stomach and intestinal tract). Take probiotics, eat yogurt, and drink kefir such as Lifeway or Helios brand. Be sure to take your probiotics before eating. Add prebiotics (food that the probiotics live on). Choose a brand like Renew Life or Garden of Life, which has a five-day "Raw Probiotics 5-Day Max Care" (2.4 oz. in a box) with 400 billion probiotic units per scoop. Take for five days to really jump-start your intestinal tract. Then switch to a 25-30 billion dose per day.

     11. When you're under stress, take vitamins B-complex and C. Also, if you do some research, adrenal support might be helpful. NatraBio has homeopathic adrenal support tablets in a blister pack. Or get Source One raw adrenal glandular from New Zealand. It's available at health food stores. Emergen-C packets are quite easy to take and provide vitamin C, electrolytes, etc.

     12. Diet: raw, vegan, macrobiotic? Do what you can to eliminate meats (especially charred), processed foods (including luncheon meat), sugar and sugar substitutes, high fructose corn syrup (in most foods), fast food, all junk food (Ho Hos, Twinkies, etc.), sodas, alcohol, and most desserts. Eat a balanced diet. Go to for the best food/nutrition information online from the U.S. federal government.

     13. Eat superfoods for healing. There are many to choose from including turmeric, ginger, salmon, walnuts, mushrooms, avocados, asparagus, all the berries (eat organic only), onions, garlic, etc. Search "superfoods" to see what you can add to your diet.

     14. Check out the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) website to avoid pesticides/herbicides in fruits and vegetables by eliminating "the dirty dozen" and eating "the clean fifteen." Determine when "conventional" fruits and vegetables are okay to eat, and when "organic" is essential. See

​​     15. Soap, shampoos, deodorant, lotions, makeup, cologne/perfume, and other personal-care products should be organic or natural only, as well as hypoallergenic if needed. See for what is safe. Use Dr. Bronner's soaps (bar and liquid) since they are organic. Tom's of Maine has a bar soap that is natural and has essential oils. Use mouthwash (Jason's Healthy Mouth Cinnamon Clove Mouthwash or Tom's of Maine). Buy organic and natural clothing to wear, as well as furnishings for the home.

     16. Laundry detergent should be natural and "free and clear." ECOS, Seventh Generation, and Ecover are popular brands that are environmentally friendly and safe.

     17. Tobacco is a drug, so kick the habit now. Avoid all recreational drugs including marijuana. Use homeopathic medicines instead of the mass-marketed conventional ones that have contraindications.

     18. Take a hot Epsom salt bath to detoxify. Relax by adding essential oils such as lavender. Shower regularly. Use a back brush, loofah, and/or pumice stone.

     19. Exercise according to your goals, expertise, and endurance. If light exercise is required, do arm circles, leg lifts/kicks, basic yoga poses, arm/leg stretches, etc. Repeat during the day and evening as often as possible. Swimming is the perfect exercise to do moderately to vigorously. Walking is ideal even indoors (at home, the mall, or in grocery stores).

     20. Get eight hours of sleep so that the body can heal. Take a nap the way kids do. Chill out!

     21. Eliminate frequently and promptly to remove waste from the body. Take natural diuretics such as celery, dandelion tea, watermelon, most fruits and vegetables, etc.

     22. Meditate and pray throughout the day to quiet the mind and soothe the soul.

     23. Do online research (WebMD, Everyday Health, the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, NIH, CDC, Johns Hopkins University, American Cancer Society, etc.). Type in "complementary and alternative" (CAM) remedy, treatment, or medicine. "Complementary" is in addition to traditional medicine. "Alternative" means instead of traditional medicine.

     24. Don't know what is going on? Ask questions of your physician, physician assistant, nurse, insurance representative, social worker, home health aide, and others. Make a list of questions and some objectives for your medical appointments. It's best to participate in your own health regime and healing instead of relying strictly on doctors and their directives. Be proactive, not passive. Remain confident and optimistic despite heavy burdens and hard times. Practice an attitude of gratitude. Thoughts are things, so choose your thoughts and words wisely.

     25. Sweat the toxins out. Put on "Sweat to the Oldies" so you can shake your butt with Richard Simmons. Get into a sauna and use a portable facial sauna too.

     26. Breathe. Belly breaths are best. Breathe in through your nose, hold, and exhale through the mouth. Do this for two minutes to feel supercharged as well as relaxed.

     27. Monitor your vital signs: temperature, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar level, etc. Log these statistics as well as your weight. Keep track of your Body Mass Index (BMI) by using one of the online calculators and archiving the results.

     28. Doctors? Don't forget your chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, etc. Dentist, eye doctor, hearing specialist? Be there or be square.

     29. "It takes a village." Ask for help and be surrounded by supportive family and friends. Go to a local church, temple, or mosque to connect socially in the community and be uplifted at the same time. A little prayer goes a long way. So do hugs and kisses.

     30. Get an appropriate sized pet who will love you unconditionally and add to your healing, as well as cuddle up next to you on the couch.

     31. Romance is out! Why? Go on, indulge and feel human again. Give yourself permission to get your groove back. Don't let Stella be the only one having fun. Or maybe you have to go solo.

     32. What is on your bucket list? Come on, read that book, journal nightly, dig out your favorite music, bring out your art supplies, or be crafty like Martha Stewart. Stay engaged and treat yourself to something you've always wanted to do.

     33. Give yourself permission to heal, to laugh, to cry, to love, to live. Yes, it's that easy to be mindful and live in the now. Don't worry, be happy. That's your greatest gift to yourself.

Copyright © 2014-2023 by Frank Michel 

     Recommendations for the Elderly

     Just as a reminder, for elderly people (and the rest of us too):

     1. Try Arnica Montana for pain relief; Rescue Remedy for trauma; a heating pad or microwavable rice pack to warm up the bones; an extra blanket, thermal underwear, heavyweight white cotton socks, a cap and scarf for indoor use especially at night; a light rubdown with body oil (almond, castor oil, etc.) or lotion starting at the extremities and working toward the heart; and lots of strengthening foods that build up the body.

     2. It's good to consume superfoods (especially turmeric); micronutrients; as well as old standbys such as chicken, vegetable, barley, pea, or onion soup; stews with organic vegetables and meat or meat-substitute; vegetables with rice (cooked in low-sodium, free-range, organic chicken or vegetable broth); hot oatmeal; hot tea especially organic green tea combined with a flavored tea; fresh fruits especially the berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.), bananas, organic apples/applesauce, and citrus; and vegetables including dark green leafy and cruciferous (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and bok choy). Don't forget onions, scallions, and garlic to boost the immune system and "thin" the blood.

     3. Cut up, pulverize, or use a blender or juicer to get fruits and vegetables in liquid format so they can be consumed easily in a container with a straw.

     4. Take a high-quality multivitamin after a meal, as well as vitamins B and C for stress. Try homeopathic medicines instead of conventional remedies for colds, flu (Oscillococcinum), and other conditions. Take probiotics and prebiotics before a meal to boost the immune response in the "gut" (stomach and intestines where up to 70% of the body's immune response is). Eating yogurt and drinking kefir will help to add immune-supporting organisms too.

     5. Drink warm lemon water in the morning to alkalize the body, cleanse the liver, and aid in elimination. Milk thistle tea or capsules are good for the liver too, as is dandelion (leaf, capsule, or tea). Use filtered/dechlorinated water to drink and prepare food and beverages.

     6. Ground flax seed, chia seeds, whey or hemp protein, raisins, and/or dried cranberries could be added to cereal, shakes, or smoothies. So could ground nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.) and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, etc.) since they are so healthy. Make them organic.

     7. Vitamin L mean lots of TLC from you and other family members, friends, and aides. The young and pets are always good for providing unconditional love to the elderly in small, frequent doses.

     8. Play music that is of a healing nature and/or pleasant to hear (classical, light jazz, easy listening, New Age, etc.). Sing old familiar tunes that trigger good memories, and encourage singing and clapping too. Watch classic movies and TV programs to add levity and to elevate mood.

     9. Crayons and Play-Doh are not just for the young. The elderly enjoy drawing, coloring books, and molding clay. Jigsaw puzzles are good to stimulate the mind and for strategizing, as are crossword puzzles. Journaling is a good activity and is helpful to create a "memory book." Sort through old photos and jot down names, dates, places, relationships, and stories. While doing these projects, tape record or video record using your smart phone, webcam, or other tech marvel.

     10. Light exercise can be just moving the limbs while lying in bed or sitting in a chair. It can also be done in a warm Epsom salt bath with proper supervision.

     11. Use a terminated crystal and twirl on the pads of fingers and toes for a do-it-yourself reflexology treatment. Or call in a reflexologist for a complete foot session to benefit the entire body.

     12. Say prayers for the elderly, but get them involved in praying for their own health by themselves and together with you. Hold hands when you're both praying. Silent meditation is easy to do, as are affirmations and guided visualizations.

     13. "Healing Journey" by Dr. Emmett Miller ( uses soothing music, guided imagery, and subliminals. See for all the helpful health-oriented CDs and downloads that are mind-body tools.

     14. Engaging in conversation, while being mindful of naps, is a way to keep the elderly connected.

     15. Storytelling and creating stories stimulate the mind.

     16. Add decorative accents to personalize the room. Repaint in light colors. Be sure there is natural light and/or sunlight. Use Venetian blinds, shades, dimmer switches, and timers to adjust the lighting. Change the air in the room at least once a day by cracking a window temporarily. Keep the room to an appropriate temperature, usually a bit warmer than the rest of the house. Safeguard against slips and falls by securing rugs. In the tub and shower, install grab bars and a bath mat or stickers.

     17. Smile often and engage using the eyes. Eye contact is best to keep an elderly person feeling connected and safe.

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     One of Dr. Andrew Weil's recommendations for preventing cataracts is to "make sure that your diet contains a variety of antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables."

     Eat foods that contain lutein ("mangoes, corn, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, tomatoes and dark, leafy greens such as kale, collards and bok choy") and zeaxanthin ("orange bell peppers, oranges, corn and honeydew melon"), powerful carotenoids for eye health.

     Astaxanthin is the third supplement for good eyesight. Don't forget taking a multivitamin, having regular eye exams, wearing sunglasses, and doing eye exercises daily. Take care of your eyes so that you see clearly your entire life.

     Here's looking at you while you're looking at me. You're gorgeous with those beautiful eyes!

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     One of Dr. Andrew Weil's recommendations for preventing macular degeneration is to "choose foods or take supplements that contain vitamin C, vitamin E and lutein, as well as zinc."

     Foods containing vitamin C are "citrus fruits, melons, tomatoes, potatoes and broccoli." For vitamin E, eat "soybeans, greens, fish, wheat germ, nuts and seeds." For zinc, choose "legumes (peas, dried beans, garbanzos/chickpeas, black-eyed peas, lentils and soy products) and whole grains."

     "The carotenoid pigment lutein is found naturally in spinach, kale, collard greens, romaine lettuce and peas. Other protective compounds are the red and purple pigments found in berries and other fruit. Eat berries, especially blueberries, often. You can also get these pigments into your diet with supplements of bilberry, grape seed extract or pine bark extract."

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     For glaucoma, Dr. Andrew Weil states:

"No serious eye condition - including glaucoma - should be treated solely with alternative approaches. An ophthalmologist's care is vital. But there is some evidence that you can also help ease the condition by making the following adjustments:

     o Dietary changes: Lower caffeine intake.
     o Exercise: Brisk walking or another responsible exercise program may help by improving overall circulation.
     o Mind/Body: Hypnotherapy may also help to slow or reverse the condition.
     o Supplements: Vitamin C and/or antioxidant supplements in general may be useful.

Also: Stop smoking; smoking has been shown to contribute to the condition."

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     Are your eyeglasses in good shape, but the lenses need replacement due to scratches or an updated prescription you want to fill? Do you like avoiding the high cost of replacement lenses that would cost you at least a couple hundred bucks?

     If so, then check out ReplaceALens in Denver, Colorado, by clicking the tiny image below. They're an American Board of Opticianry (ABO)-certified optician with a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. ReplaceALens is a family-owned and operated business since 1981 that offers high-quality lenses and service by mail order since 2006, with over eyeglasses fulfilled to date.

     I'm now one of those very happy ReplaceALens customers, and I only spent $39 per pair of lenses. That's a savings of over $200 per pair of Luxotica eyeglasses that LensCrafters was going to charge me.

     I recommend ReplaceALens without reservation. I hope you have the foresight to see your way clear to this great vision provider.

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     The George Mateljan Foundation has a website entitled "the world's healthiest foods" ( Here you'll find a comprehensive article on turmeric, the superfood that can benefit your health by preventing and/or fighting many diseases.

     Take turmeric in spice or capsule form. Buy it at your local health food or organic grocery store such as Whole Foods Market.

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     Are you one of the Spice Girls or have you dated one? Yeah, right. In your dreams . . . .

     Are you into herbs? No, not that herb! Pass the peace pipe please.

     Dave Asprey's article entitled "7 Herbs & Spices Everyone Needs to Eat," posted December 3, 2015, on Prevention Magazine's website, lists the healthiest herbs and spices in the order of being most beneficial:

     1. Turmeric, 2. Chili Peppers and Cayenne, 3. Ginger, 4. Cinnamon, 5. Cloves, 6. Sage, and 7. Rosemary.

     Incorporate these herbs and spices in your food whether you cook it yourself or enhance what you bring in.

"Choose your food wisely. Your health depends on it." ~ FM

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     According to The Huffington Post, twenty-five healthiest herbs and spices are:

     Anise, ashwagandha, astragalus, burdock, calendula, cilantro, cinnamon, cumin, dandelion, fennel, ginger, ginseng, holy basil, lavender, licorice, milk thistle, mint, nutmeg, oregano, passionflower, rosemary, saffron, schizandra, thyme, and turmeric.

     Which herbs and spices do you use in your diet and personal-care regime? Which ones do you know their health benefits? Which herbs and spices are brand new to you? Which ones will you explore?

Copyright © 2014-2023 by Frank Michel



     The website of the Top 10 Home Remedies lists the "The Top Ten Health Benefits of Turmeric." This spice can benefit your body (and mind) in important ways:

     1. Prevents Cancer, 2. Relieves Arthritis, 3. Controls Diabetes, 4. Reduces Cholesterol Level, 5. Immunity Booster, 6. Heals Wounds, 7. Weight Management, 8. Prevents Alzheimer's Disease, 9. Improves Digestion, and 10. Prevents Liver Disease.

     No wonder turmeric is considered a Superfood -- it can improve health and prevent disease. And it's low cost, just 62 cents an ounce for organic turmeric at Whole Foods Market. Scoop it, bag it, and use daily in your food preparation -- soup, stews, vegetables, rice, and smoothies. Or take a capsule or two a day. So easy!

     NOTE: Turmeric should not be used by people with gallstones or bile obstruction, or by pregnant women since turmeric is a uterine stimulant.

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​     Turmeric is a low-cost spice available in capsule or bulk form from local health food stores, an essential superfood, and an integral part of my health regimen.

     Turmeric works to clear the nerve endings in the brain of amyloid plaque (for dementia/Alzheimer's disease) and is a messenging molecule for the liver to create more LDL (bad) cholesterol receptor cells. The active ingredient to lower cholesterol is curcumin, a plant-based phytochemical.

     In India, where turmeric is used daily in curries, only one percent of people 65 and older have dementia, compared to a much higher rate in the U.S. and Western countries.

     Turmeric also has many other important disease-fighting capabilities. Read up on them in the Mateljan Foundation's "World's Healthiest Foods" webpage devoted just to turmeric.

     A half a teaspoon is all it takes for soups, stews, vegetables, and rice dishes. Pick up organic turmeric at Whole Foods Market for just 62 cents an ounce from the canisters in the bulk food section. Four ounces may last from one to two months when you're cooking with it. Add black pepper to make turmeric more bioavailable.

     NOTE: Be careful when bagging/handling turmeric since it stains clothing and countertops by leaving a temporary yellow color.

​Copyright © 2015-2023 by Frank Michel

     Whole Foods Market has turmeric in in the bulk herb and spice department. Get a year's worth of healthy spice to fight inflation for just a few dollars. That's a preventive health maintenance tip for anyone not on Statin medicine.

     Turmeric is perfect for preparing soups, stews, vegetables, and rice dishes, as well as smoothies. Turmeric is a very strong spice, so you use this superfood sparingly -- between half to one teaspoon only.

     Note that black pepper makes turmeric more bioavailable in the body. Handle turmeric with care because it (temporarily) stains everything yellow.

     If you don't cook with turmeric, you can purchase it in capsule form at your health food store. Take these capsules after a meal for the many health benefits.

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     One word? "Plastics!" No, that was so 1960s, Dustin Hoffman.

     "Stagflation"? Nope, don't go there again, Jimmy Carter. Leave it in the 70s, along with Watergate, OPEC oil embargoes, the NYC's fiscal crisis, sideburns, and polyester leisure suits.

     "Reaganomics"? No way, Nancy, "trickle-down economics" didn't work either. What a 1980s failure. How about "P.C."? You mean, "Politically correct" or "personal computer"? Nope, nope! Not even high hair works.

     "Internet"? No, it is just so 1990s. "Y2K" or "internet bubble"?
 "Clinton"? You mean Bill, the one who didn't have sex with that intern? Yeah, right! "O" for Oprah? Neither her nor Gayle King.

     "Millennium"? No, not even "911." "B" for "Bush?" Forget-about-it! Does it start with the letter "C"? "China," "crash," or "B" for "broke"? No, no, no way! They're so last decade.

     Well then what is this magic word for the second decade of the 21st century? "Obama"? "Zumba"? "Facebook" or "Twitter"? No, no, no, no!

     It's . . . drum roll please . . . "Turmeric," a "superfood" that facilitates healing in the body on many levels. It fights many conditions/diseases and has a lot of research to back its health benefits.

     Take it in capsule form or add by the half teaspoon to soups, rice, vegetable dishes, and smoothies.

     Get a bottle of turmeric capsules from your local health food store, online at, or at Whole Foods Market. Buy turmeric in bulk at WFM for 62 cents an organic ounce or $9.99 a pound in the spice area. You scoop and place in a small ziplock bag provided.

     Add black pepper (and maybe some olive oil) to dishes to facilitate turmeric's absorption in the body. Careful, that orange powder stains clothes and countertops, and has some heat to its peppery taste. Don't forget to pronounce the first "R" to keep Arnold, the Terminator, happy. Letter "R" twice, right? Right!

     Your body and mind will benefit from turmeric since it acts as a messenger molecule in the liver to create more LDL (bad) cholesterol receptor cells, and it removes decades of amyloid plaque buildup in the brain that dementia and Alzheimer's disease patients usually have. 

​​Copyright © 2014-2023 by Frank Michel

     In case you want to play it safe, the spice turmeric, a superfood, is good for brain health (neuroplasticity). Just add a teaspoon of turmeric when you're cooking soup, vegetables, or rice.

     Turmeric clears amyloid plaque from the brain to enable synapses to occur easily, so this spice is good to prevent age-related dementia.

Copyright © 2014-2023 by Frank Michel

     Seniors beware. Baby-boomers are next. You better start taking turmeric to prevent mental decline.

Copyright © 2014-2023 by Frank Michel


     Attention Baby-boomers, Generations X, Y, and Z. Turmeric is not just a Superfood for the elderly. Just add a half teaspoon of this spice when preparing soup, stews, vegetables, rice, and smoothies. Add black pepper to increase its bioavailability, and maybe a bit of olive oil too. You're never too young for turmeric's many health benefits.

     These are the health conditions turmeric can benefit:

1. Brain tumors, 2. Prostate cancer, 3. Skin cancer, 
4. Leukemia, 5. Multiple myeloma 6. Metastasis prevention, 7. Cachexia prevention, 8. Chemotherapy enhancer,
9. Alzheimer's prevention, 10. Eye health, 11. Weight loss,
12. Natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory, 13. Liver health, 14. Parkinson disease, 15. Multiple sclerosis,
16. Psoriasis help, 17. Depression 18. H. Pylori, 19. Better sleep, and 20. Antibacterial.

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     Judy Houser's Pinterest page on "Turmeric Health Benefits" currently has over 657 pins to keep you well informed on this superfood. Check it out for your good health.

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     Turmeric works just as effectively as Prozac for depression, doesn't have nasty side effects, and has many other health benefits too. It's natural and can be purchased either in bulk (spice form) or in capsules. It's so easy to add to soups, stews, rice, vegetable dishes, and smoothies.

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     Nine ingredients and a blender.  How smooth is that?

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     Rebecca Walsh details "The Best 20 Artery-Cleansing Foods" on

     "There are certain foods that are artery-friendly and help to prevent plaque formation and eventual blockage."

     Here's the list of healthy foods for you to incorporate into your diet:

     1. Avocados, 2. Olive Oil, 3. Whole Grains, 4. Plant Sterols,
5. Nuts, 6. Asparagus, 7. Broccoli, 8. Persimmons, 9. Salmon,
10. Pomegranate, 11. Turmeric, 12. Orange Juice, 
13. Cinnamon, 14. Spirulina, 15. Cranberries, 16. Coffee,
17. Green Tea, 18. Cheese, 19. Watermelon, 20. Spinach.

     Your good health is up to your food choices. Choose wisely and repeat daily.

​​Copyright © 2014-2023 by Frank Michel



     Oil pulling for oral and general health is an Ayurvedic practice over 2,700 years old from India. There are two methods: kavala (hold, swish, and spit) and gandusa (hold and spit). Hold the oil in the mouth for three to five minutes and repeat. Coconut oil is a recommended oil.

     Now where is that Neti pot and distilled water to clean out the sinus cavities, as well as turmeric for amyloid plaque removal in the brain? 

​​​Copyright © 2014-2023 by Frank Michel



     J. D. Heyes lists on (6-16-14) ten herbs and foods that are natural antibiotics to kill superbugs:

     1. honey, 2. colloidal silver, 3. Pascalite, 4. turmeric, 5. oil of oregano, 6. tea tree oil, 7. olive leaf extract, 8. garlic,
9. echinacea, and 10. goldenseal.

     Consider nature's pharmacy and natural antibiotics for some of your health concerns. 

​Copyright © 2014-2023 by Frank Michel​



     Maylin Rodriguez-Paez, RN's article entitled "How to Eat When Battling Cancer," posted on Life Extension's website in 2013, lists six foods to eat when battling cancer:

     1. Eat Fresh Vegetables, 2. Avoid Sugar, 3. Cut Back on Inflammatory Foods, 4. Eat Immune Boosting Foods,
5. Add Tumeric to Your Dishes, and 6. Take Your Supplements.

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​     Healthy and Natural World recommends drinking a lot of water to cleanse your kidneys, as well eating the following five foods: 1. watermelon, 2. lemon juice, 3. berries,
4. apples, and 5. pumpkin seeds.

     Nine beneficial herbs are: 1. ginger, 2. turmeric,
3. dandelion, 4. nettle, 5. parsley, 6. marshmallow root,
7. juniper, 8. yarrow, and 9. red clover.

     Other recommendations are: 1. avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine, 2. maintain normal blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels, 3. limit how much sodium (salt) you eat, and
4. maintain a proper weight.

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    CARE -- 400 BILLION CFU - 2.4 OZ.

     There are many routes to heal from Lyme disease or at least to keep it in check. Intravenous antibiotics are one way, which I went through over two decades ago. Afterwards, I went on oral antibiotics since my symptoms were still extremely painful.

     Recovery happens over time, not in an instance. I recommend that you build up your immune system rather than placate it with antibiotics especially if you've tried them in the past.

     Probiotics (flora and fauna) and prebiotics (food for probiotics) are very powerful immune boosters especially if they are taken in strong doses.

     Up to 70% of the immune system is in "the gut," so the intestinal tract is an important part of one's healing especially if good bacteria is in sufficient quantity and kind.

     Garden of Life has a "Raw Probiotics 5-Day Max Care" kit with 400 billion CFUs per scoop. That provides two trillion CFUs in a five-day period. It's perfect to repopulate one's intestinal tract with friendly flora and fauna especially after intravenous IV therapy or surgery. Once the kit has been taken, follow it up with a good brand of probiotics that are about 30 billion CFUs per day.

     Remember to take your probiotics/prebiotics before a meal. All other vitamins and supplements you take after a meal. Fat soluble vitamins -- A, D, E, and K -- are to be taken after the meal that has the most fats. Easy, eh?

     I also recommend hot Epsom salt baths, light to moderate exercise, organic/natural foods, eating superfoods (including turmeric, ginger, garlic, onions, yogurt), purified/dechlorinated water, vitamin therapy, swimming, saunas, massage, reflexology, chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki (or similar) energy healing sessions, meditation, creative visualization, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), "Healing Journey" CD by Dr. Emmett Miller (mind-body visualizations with music and subliminals), prayer, counseling, support groups, etc.

     Often, it is not one thing that makes a difference, but a whole group of activities that contribute to one's healing.

     Never say never. Get out of your own way. I've been there myself 25 years ago.

"Survivors become thrivers. It takes persistence, hope, and time." ~ FM

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     Joy Bauer's website lists the ten best foods for cancer prevention. They are: 1. grapefruit, 2. peanuts and peanut butter, 3. berries, 4. sweet potatoes, 5. wild salmon,
6. ground flaxseed, 7. turmeric, 8. tea, 9. cruciferous vegetables, and 10. pomegranates.

​Copyright © 2014-2023 by Frank Michel​



     On Chorus America's website, there is an article entitled "Natural Vocal Care: Using herbs to heal a tired and overused voice."

     The article was published on November 13, 2013, and was written by David Aaron Katz, a professional opera singer, cantor, nutrition consultant, herbalist, head of the vocal faculty for the Bronx Defenders Training Academy, and CEO of

     He is the author of "Superior Vocal Health -- Herbs for the Voice and Throat."

     For sore throats and other vocal ailments, Katz recommends that a singer consult with an ENT (otolaryngologist) or physician first, and then gargle regularly with a preparation of one or more of the following herbs: cayenne, licorice, marshmallow, propolis, sage, slippery elm, and turmeric. 

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     Check out Alex Niles' website blog for many helpful nutritional hints, whether you have cancer or just want to live healthily.

     Don't miss these blog entries. They are Alex Niles' legacy from his personal experience fighting gastric cancer:

o  Best Practices (posted July 14)
o  Loving Lemon Juice (posted April 10)
o  Turmeric (posted April 2)
o  Going Green Smoothie (posted April 2)
o  Juicing - Why I Juice Every Day (posted March 15)
o  Coconuts for Coconut Oil (posted March 10)
o  Green - Not Only my Favorite Color (posted February 17)
o  The CBS Smoothie (posted February 5)
o  World's Best Oatmeal (posted February 5)
o  Dutch Oven Deliciousness (posted February 4)

     Also, take a peek at the CureWear website for tee shirts that accommodate an intravenous chest port for anyone undergoing chemotherapy.

     There are also tee shirts just with the CureWear logo for running and other exercise activities that supporters can enjoy. Buy two tee shirts and a third is donated to a cancer patient or institution.

     Alex designed these shirts and got the business up and running in August 2014, seven months before he passed into spirit on April 8, 2015.

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     Alex Niles had a great idea when he wanted to keep his shirt on during chemotherapy sessions. He realized that cancer patients need to maintain their dignity rather than be stripped down and feel vulnerable. With a pair of scissors and some safety pins, he created the prototype for a tee shirt with easy access to the embedded port in his chest.

     After a successful Kickstarter campaign brought pledges totaling over $50,000, Alex worked with doctors, patients, and designers to create CureWear. Cancer patients won't lose their shirt anymore. Ingenuity and Velcro to the rescue!

     Thanks, Alex, for having a clever mind, an indomitable spirit, a determination to create something worthwhile, and the follow-through. Thanks for wanting to make life a little bit easier during a patient's most stressful time. Alex, you're the man.

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     Whole Foods Market has the best salad bar to make your own edible masterpiece.

     Choose a dozen or more favorites for your nutritious meal. Add dressing/toppings.

     ~ 100% organic, healthy greens, colorful, and totally tasty. Yummy salad! ~

     Custom-designed salad, Whole Foods Market, Virginia Beach, VA, March 4, 2016.

     [Sprouts, broccoli, red cabbage, mushrooms, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), bell pepper, Radicchio, Romaine lettuce, and dandelion leaves.]

Copyright © 2016-2023 by Frank Michel
     Organic food is non-GMO; grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides; free-range and grass-fed; and free of antibiotics and growth hormones, as well as preservatives and colorings.  Nothing artificial here.  100% good for you.  Buy local.

     Eat for your health when you choose organic/natural foods and superfoods.  Drink purified/dechlorinated water.  So easy.

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