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  When relocating to Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, engage the services of Linda Brooks with
  Long & Foster Real Estate.  Serving the community since 1993, she goes the extra mile to exceed
  your expectations and make your transition seamless.
  Mrs. Nguyen's Garden by Dina De Filippis is a children's book based on a true story in the garden.
  Worthy of children of all ages, this beautifully illustrated adventure book will capture the imagination of 
  readers while teaching them the values of family bonding and respecting everyone's place.  Available     at major booksellers ISBN 13 (softbound):  978-1-4568-3337-4.
  Mysteriously Connected by Dina De Filippis is the true story of a young Italian girl's journey from a small
  town in Italy to a bustling American city.  This journey is a fascinating look at how she manages to overcome
  the obstacles of language, culture, and expectation to become a dynamic, independent Italian-American
  woman.  Autographed copies available from author at
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 Brown & White Ombré Ceramic Vases by Barombi  Studios.Ceramist studio in Illinois. 

 5" tall Bud vase. {$25.00}
 8" tall Cylinder vase. {$32.00}

 A rustic, modern vase that adds personality to any  space. This stoneware piece was carefully  handcrafted on the pottery wheel and layered with  beautiful white glaze in an ombre-style gradient.
 White & Yellow Ombré Ceramic Vases by Barombi  Studios. Ceramist studio in Illinois.

 5" tall Cylinder Bud vase. {$25.00}
 8" tall Cylinder vase. {$32.00}

 A modern vase that adds personality to any space.  This stoneware piece was carefully handcrafted on  the pottery wheel and layered with beautiful white  and pastel yellow glazes in an ombre-style
 White Textured Ceramic pots by Barombi Studios.  Ceramist studio in Illinois.

 4.5" tall x 3.75" wide Succulent Plant. {$32.00}
 7.25" tall x 3.75" wide Flower Vase. {$45.00}

 A minimal, modern planter or vase that adds  personality to any space. This stoneware piece was  carefully handcrafted on the pottery wheel, skillfully  decorated by faceting, and layered with beautiful white  glaze that reveals the unique texture of the pot.
 White & Brown Tribal Patterned  Ceramic Jewelry  Dish by Barombi  Studios. Ceramist studio in Illinois.

 2" tall x 5.5" wide. {$37.00} 
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 This beautiful, organically-round dish is  great for holding jewelry, as a catch-all  for keys and sunglasses, or just
 decorating your home. This stoneware
 piece was carefully handcrafted on the  pottery wheel and painted in a beautiful  speckled white glaze to complement  the natural clay feet.
 Our pets are friends who give us unconditional love. Feed them treats that are healthy and of the best ingredients.
 Take the kitsch out of the kitchen when you bring it up to date.
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 Colanders to wash/drain food before serving or storing.
 Knives should be sharp, carefully handled, not left in water, stored properly, and securely out of reach of children.
 Flatware should be chosen by pattern, fit the size of your hands, comfortable to use, balanced, and serve your daily dining needs.
 Cut, slice, serve. Enjoy preparing your food from simple, healthy ingredients, including organic/natural food that is locally grown.